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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dark Chocolate and Raspberries - Work in Progress

Greetings Loved Ones,

Well round one of my editing for DC&R is done. Editing is a grueling and sensitive job, but necessary for the work to grow. In a way, each story a writer produces is like a child and editing I can only compare to child birth. Both are labor intensive, painful and filled with blood, sweat and tears. Yet at the end of the ordeal, you tend to not remember the pain of editing for the, hopefully wonderful story you send out into the world. With luck the story is loved and appreciated. The first time it goes to a critic is like letting your baby go to daycare. The parent stands anxiously at the door as the child takes their fist steps on their own, in the harsh reality of the real world. If the story is liked by the critic, the parent is thrilled and encouraged to produce their next wonderful story. If it isn't, it can be devastating. Granted you will never please everyone all of the time. So you write on.  As an author, I write because I must. The stories in my mind flow in need of an outlet. The characters becoming my friends, as I hope they become yours.

Wishing you Butterflies and Love,

Sui Lynn~~