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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silver Flash - Foxe & Hund: 8

Greetings Loved Ones!
Welcome to this week's Silver Flash! Foxe and Hund are certainly getting a bit hot under the collar. I hope you are enjoying the story.

Just a reminder this is a M/M Romance, so if you aren't interested in beautiful men in love with each other, then this is not the site for you. If you enjoy a good gay romance with lots of love and hot men, then this is the place for you. If you like this story, feel free to check out the other Silver Flashers, listed at the end. Please Enjoy!

As always, wishing you Love and Butterflies,
Sui Lynn~~

Foxe and Hund 8 : 10/4/11 

There are some lessons in life you just never seem to learn, and Fox was sure he was about to have another lesson. A few memorable clichés came to mind: Ol’ dog and turning tricks… no, that wasn’t quite right. But his brain was in Zane’s pants and he couldn’t seem to get his mind to work right.

He couldn’t believe that his blatant flirting had been turned back on him. He’d teased and taunted Zane Hund since the first time the man had walked into the restroom when he was getting ready to go on patrol. He’d always been out of the closet and when the opportunity to work Vice had opened, he took it, knowing he could make a difference.

The problem was, he’d never been particularly aggressive before. Oh, he knew how to flirt and he’d been aware of his sexual preferences since puberty. He liked wearing makeup, he liked nail polish, and both the makeup and the polish made him feel sexy. Since his older sister was into comic books, costumes and dressing up for conventions had come naturally. Put on a mask and become someone new, someone untouchable, the comments and harassment washing away like flotsam because they were directed at the costume character. It was easy to keep everything at a distance behind the mask. When he put on a costume, he became the character and he was able to step back behind it like a shield, preventing himself from being touched by the world. He knew he lived his life behind a mask and it prevented everyone from seeing the real TJ Foxe—from getting to know the real man behind the mask.

He’d agreed to go to Hund’s place, but insisted on driving his own car. He needed the security of knowing he could leave, and Hund hadn’t protested. The drive was only fifteen minutes but it felt like an eternity. Every moment they were separated sparked more insecurity—he wanted to turn his car around and go home.

Who or what was Zane expecting? The hooker? The comic book geek? TJ’s mind whirled around everything he knew about Zane. Sure, he’d wanted him. Wanted him since the first time he’d seen him in the bathroom. Badgered him every day, taunting him. When he saw a particular outfit, or just part of an outfit, sparked Zane’s interest, TJ made sure to wear it again. Like the gold lamé rent boy shorts. They’d been a big hit. But now that he was going home with him, which face did he show? What mask did he wear to protect himself or could he possibly—just maybe—let his guard down? Would Zane hurt him? What if he didn’t like what he saw?

TJ’s mind was so lost in his speculations that he barely realized that Zane had turned off into a small residential area. Rows of widely spaced houses with neat yards took the place of the cramped city living. They turned into a dark driveway, lined with bushes. It was too dark to tell what color the house was, but it appeared to be in good condition, cared for. TJ parked behind Zane, turning off the lights and the engine. He still held tightly to the steering wheel, second-guessing his decision.

There was a rap on his window and TJ shook his head as his door was opened for him. TJ undid his seat belt, just as Zane leaned in and gently kissed him, drawing him out of the car and into his arms, holding him firmly against his chest. TJ trembled as his mind went blank, his arms hesitantly wrapping around Zane’s neck. The car door closed and he was pressed against it.

“You weren’t having second thoughts, were you?” Zane whispered into his ear, his hot breath sending gooseflesh rising along his neck. TJ couldn’t answer; he tried to shake his head. “It’s okay if you were. I haven’t given you much reason to feel confident in my attention, but I plan on changing that, if you’ll let me.”

“Okay,” was all TJ was able to murmur, his worries about what face to show vanishing with his doubts. Which earned him a pleased murmur from Zane as he grasped TJ’s ass with both hands. TJ wrapped his legs around Zane’s waist, moaning as the big man held him tightly, rubbing their erections together, through the denim of their pants. “You know you’re mine now, right? I’m going to shout it to everyone—to the whole damn world. TJ Foxe is mine.”

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sci Fi Sunday - Reality Check

Greetings Loved Ones! Sci Fi Sunday is here!
It's time for another episodes of Sci Fi Sunday -- Reality Check. This is the seventh episode and things are starting to get a but hot under the collar and other places, for our sexy men. For those of you coming in late, Reality Check is a story that Julie Lynn Hayes and I are writing together. It is proving to be a funny and steamy romance between two very different men, both extra hot in their own way. We hope you are enjoying the story. Please feel free to check out Julie's blog at Full Moon Dreaming

Please remember this is a M/M Sci Fi Romance. If you do not like gay romance and are turned off by beautiful men loving other beautiful men, I would suggest you leave this site. But if you enjoy men kissing, loving and hot messy sex, well welcome to the party.

Chapter 5 - 09/18/11

Fear skitters across my spine. My Kay is here? Oh Guardian, we had an appointment. A chance to be together and I’ve blown it already. He’s a prince and certainly not the kind to take to being stood up lightly. Jaou places a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I marshal  my thoughts into some semblance of order. “Please go check on Dorian and I’ll go talk to Kay. I’ll try and get him into my rooms before Mother sees that he’s here.”

“Are you sure, Reno?” Jaou nervously shifts from foot to foot.

“I’m sure. If she’s out there too, I’ll be sure and get you. Now go check on Dorian!” I point in the direction of the door as an incentive.

“Fine!” Jaou stomps off in high dudgeon, but I can’t worry about him right now. I’ve other concerns.

He must be here to tell me what I can do with my suit. I can feel depression setting into my soul, I can’t… I won’t let him get away. He’s just going to have to deal with my familial obligations. I mean, I know he’s a bit selfish, but surely he’ll see reason? It’s my brother’s life… I couldn’t just leave Dorian. I had to save him… Surely…

I know, I’m procrastinating. There’s no way of knowing what he’ll say unless I let him in. What choice do I have? I surely can’t leave him standing just outside my door.

I walk down the short hall and slide the door to the side in order to admit my love. The sight which meets my eyes is both terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time. Kay’s beauty and dishevelment are all rolled up into one lovely but grimy mess. His clothing, obviously once regal and probably quite expensive, is now dirtied and rather the worse for wear. Dust streaks his face, giving it an odd off-balance appearance, but he counters it by being so glorious it’s all I can do not to wrap him in my arms and spirit him away.

“My Prince, Welcome to my home.” Without thinking of what I do, I drop to one knee quickly before him, then regain my feet.


Am I foolish for thinking a serious question deserves an actual answer? Or did I hallucinate seeing someone at all, and am I simply addressing my question into thin air? Or perhaps I’ve hit my head harder than I imagined, though right now I can’t actually remember doing so. Does that make me dizzy, then?  Yes, that must be it, I’m dizzy with desire. Desire to see my Reno.

As if some provident god has heard my wish, the thin-ass door, which a mere kick would send sprawling without much trouble, opens, and I see him standing before me. My first thought is thank the stars I’m in the right place. The second one is please kiss me before I die.

I stumble toward him. Stumble being the operative word, as I seem to have lost the ability to walk. My legs have suddenly gone numb, and every muscle in my body aches. I feel like a damn baby, trying to take his first steps. The point is I’m going down, even as I reach my arms toward him. “Reno! You’re here!” Then the world goes momentarily black...


Sandplats!! He’s falling! I make a quick and well-coordinated grab for him even as he heads in a definite downward spiral, and gather him into my arms just before he crumples to the floor. What can have happened to my princeling! I hold him against me, relishing the sensation of having him in my arms once more. His forehead seems a bit warm, and he appears flushed... Where’s Swy? Why isn’t he looking after him? I’m going to have to have words with my prince’s bodyguard. This is most definitely conduct unbecoming, and nothing I will tolerate. Not when his personage is so important to me.  I bend down and slip an arm beneath his legs, lifting him, enfolding him into myself, holding him tight against my chest. I really do need to get him out of here before Mother sees that he’s here.

I nudge the door; it slides gently closed. I turn and dash down the corridor with my prince snuggled against my chest like the treasure he is.

“What could’ve happened to you, my Prince?” I mumble into his ear. I push the door to my rooms open with my foot, making sure they close behind me before I take a seat on the bed, my Kay in my arms. I brush back the hair from his face. Only then do I realize what he’s done since last I’ve seen him. He’s colored his tresses the most beautiful hues—violets and blues that are most becoming with his gray eyes. If they would just open…
“Kay, my prince...” I gently brush my lips against his. How I ache for him.


I hear his voice: it’s him, it’s Reno. I know I’m not imagining that. It’s his arms that hold me, his lap I’m resting so very comfortably in that I almost—but not quite—forget my aches and pains, the ones I’ve gained on my tortuous journey. A journey I shall most certainly have to tell him about in great lengths.

I make the effort to open my eyes, even though I feel that to do so might lead to a blinding headache, but no, it’s alright. Reno’s here. He’s here, but he looks so worried. Why? Is something wrong? Please don’t let anything be wrong.

His kiss. It’s his kiss I feel, how wonderful his lips, they give me life.

“I waited for you,” I murmur, my tongue feeling thick in my mouth for some reason. “You were supposed to come, to court me. I mean Luci. But you didn’t... and I was afraid...” I’ve never admitted fear to anyone in my life before, and yet I spill my heart’s contents as easily as a news reader might slip out the scandals of the day—without hesitation. I trust him, I love him, what else is there to say? “I was afraid you’d.... changed your mind.”

There. I’ve just admitted my biggest fear to Reno. Bared my soul to him. And right now, I just want to curl up against him, and never move. Ever.


He must have some story to tell, and I want to hear all the details but my first thoughts are to apologize to him for being so lacking , in manners and in punctuality, and in anything else I’m guilty of by not appearing when I was scheduled to be there for him.“I’m so sorry, Kay. I meant to be there... We meant to be there. But you see we’ve run into a bit of an emergency. My brother’s been hurt. Jaou and I were needed to help resuscitate him. Jaou’s in the garden with Dorian now.” I tremble slightly, not from fear of losing my brother... but from the proximity of this hot sexy man I’m holding in my arms. I want nothing more than to ravish his lips but he’s so delicate, I don’t want to hurt him. I lean in and gently kiss him, moaning into his open mouth as I slip my tongue between his lips, tasting my princeling.

It feels like it’s been forever since I last sampled those lips and tasted his sweet hot mouth. “If it wasn’t for my brother being at death’s door, I’d have been at your side, I swear it. Now tell me, my beauty, what has befallen you since last we met? Why do I find you here and in this alarming condition? And where is that miserable Swy?”

Remember to check back with us for another episode of Reality Check, and other free stories, updates on works in progress and series posts. Until then...

Wishing you love and butterflies!
Sui Lynn~~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silver Flash - Foxe & Hund : 6

Greetings Loved Ones!
Welcome to this week's Silver Flash! Well kiddies, I do believe TJ Foxe may have caught his man, now will he keep him?  I hope you are enjoying Foxe and Hund they are becoming one of my favorite couples.

Just a reminder this is a M/M Romance, so if you aren't interested in beautiful men in love with each other, then this is not the site for you. If you enjoy a good gay romance with lots of love and hot men, then this is the place for you. If you like this story, feel free to check out the other Silver Flashers, listed at the end. Please Enjoy!

As always, wishing you Love and Butterflies,
Sui Lynn~~

Foxe and Hund 6 – 9/14/11

Zane parked his car at the convention center. The place seemed to be packed, but he couldn’t imagine what for. This certainly wasn’t his crowd and, until he’d seen TJ dressed up like a Victorian dandy, he wouldn’t have considered this to be his crowd either.

There were people everywhere, many in costume. Everything from popular TV shows like Star Trek to men in tights—superhero costumes always seemed to include tights. Not all of it was flattering. There was something to be said for dignity, no matter how big of a fan of a program one was.

Zane watched as TJ parked not too far from his own car; he decided it was time to intercept the other man and find out just why he was here in attendance among this strange menagerie of costumed characters. Zane took up a position leaning up against TJ’s car, waiting for him to get out.

“Well, if it isn’t Detective Hund. I didn’t peg you for a comic book kind of guy. In fact I didn’t think you were a reading kind of guy,” TJ teased, before leaning into the backseat to retrieve his parasol.

Zane growled, “I read plenty, but no, I’m not into comic books. Is that what’s going on here?”

TJ straightened and looked at Zane curiously, “Well, of course. It’s a comic con, a comic book convention.”

“You’re into comic books?”

“Well, no. It’s more my sister’s thing. She owns a comic book store and I’m helping her out with her booth.”

“Ah… that explains the costume. I get it.” Zane smiled and eyed TJ slowly.

“Like what you see, detective?”

Zane shuffled his feet nervously. “You know, don’t you, TJ?” Zane stuttered and stared at the ground in front of him.

“What, Zane? What am I supposed to know? That you’ve been following me? That you make sure I get home after every operation?” TJ moved around the car door and closed it, standing right in front of Zane.

“Umm… yeah… I guess…,” Zane mumbled, staring at a spot on TJ’s arm, not meeting his eye. He raised his hand, brushing it against the sleeve of TJ’s jacket.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I like to know what I'm getting into. So why don’t you tell me, Zane? What’s going on here?" TJ stepped forward, standing between Zane’s spread legs, leaning in close to him.

“I can’t stop myself. I worry about you constantly.” Zane looked into TJ’s koh-rimmed eyes. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”

“Why Detective…” TJ coyly batted his eyelashes and placed a gloved hand against his chest.

“Don’t mock me, TJ. I’m really trying here.”

“Sorry. But you really like me?” TJ shifted from foot to foot, as if he were afraid to believe what he was hearing.
“Oh yes. But at work, you’re all business and I can’t seem to stop putting my foot in my mouth. Every time I get close, the more I come out sounding like an ass.”
“Nobody knows at the station, do they?” TJ reached up and straightened the collar of Zane’s sports coat, staring at the buttons of his shirt.
“You mean that I’m gay? I don’t know if they know or not. I guess they probably don’t have a clue. I haven’t been real vocal about it. I’m not the gay pride, banner carrying type. I’m more the sit at home and watch the televised version during the commercial breaks of whatever current game’s on.” Zane chuckled, to break the tension, and began running his hand up and down TJ’s arm.
“I’m the parade kind. In fact they’d probably put me out front to lead it. I’d be a walking rainbow from head to toe.” TJ looked up into Zane’s eyes.
“As long as you aren’t naked and painted to look like a rainbow, you might be able to convince me to hold your hand in that parade.” Zane took hold of TJ’s hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the back. “What do you say, beautiful? Wanna go have a beer with me after this comic thing?”

Silver Flashers

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sci Fi Sunday - A Lost in Space Retrospective

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Sci Fi Sunday. Kay and Reno are taking a break, so today Julie is here to discuss what she'd basically began last week - a look back at Lost in Space: the TV show vs the movie. 

In 1965 CBS launched a science fiction series created and produced by a filmmaker who would come to be known for his disaster films - Irwin Allen. As I said last week, it concerned the voyages of the family Robinson, searching for a planet circling the closest star, Alpha Centauri, in order to see about colonizing it. They were to be the pioneers in this brave new world. How odd that they only sent one person who was not a family member (Dr. Smith doesn't count, he wasn't send, he was trapped onboard). Makes you think of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden - they had two sons, Cain and Abel. How did they populate the world? Also, don't think it's a coincidence that the family's name was Robinson - obvious shades of the Swiss Family Robinson.

It began in black & white, and went to color during the second season. Only running for three years, by the end of its short run, it had evolved from a sci fi adventure into a campy sci fi series, similar to Batman. Do any of you doubt that Batman was done tongue-in-cheek? Hello, have you ever watched it? From Adam West's deadpan delivery to Alfred's dusting of the Batcave to Aunt Harriet's naivete - it was all meant to be taken in fun and in no way reflects the graphic novels.

Interestingly, the character of Dr. Smith was intended to be killed off, but they saw the error of that course of action and he remained a staple of the series and of its plots for the entire run. In fact, he evolves over those three years from determined, cruel and vicious saboteur to whining, cowardly, good-hearted (if you search real hard) millstone/albatross about the Robinsons' collective neck - and the most interesting character in the series for sure. The parents were pretty well dull stuff - Professor Robinson (played by hunky Guy Williams) had little to do. He was a stern but distant father, who spent a lot of time not at the ship, doing scientific type stuff. His wife Maureen (played by veteran Lassie actress June Lockhart) was matriarchal, concerned and protective, but her role was limited. She does stand up for Dr. Smith on a regular basis, but she's been known to tell him off when the occasion warrants, and seems to be surprised when he shows his true nature yet again.

Of the two daughters, Penny is far more interesting. Judy (Marta Kristen) is just there, and for the most part  just wants to go home and get her old life back again. Penny (Angela Cartright, also of Lost in Space and Make Room for Daddy) is a companion to Will, and often accepts Dr. Smith as a mentor. I remember when they found her a pet - a bloop (looked a lot like a chimpanzee!) that she named Debbie. Penny had a tendency to daydream, and some interesting episodes came from those musings (including one featuring Michael J. Pollard, of Bonnie and Clyde fame). Major Don West (Mark Goddard) was the co-pilot of the expedition and Judy's fiance. He got to fight and steer the ship. He especially hated Dr. Smith, and would gladly have booted him off the island. Er, spaceship. In a parody of The Defiant Ones (Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier), West and Dr. Smith find themselves chained together after having escaped a chain gang on a prison planet. Interesting episode.

That leaves the core of the show - young Will (Billy Mumy, later of Barnes and Barnes who gave us the memorable song "Fish Heads"), Robot (Bob May) and Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris).  Will was at an impressionable age, and he needed his father, but John Robinson was just too busy, so in absentia Will turned to Dr. Smith for guidance/mentoring. It seems an unlikely pairing, but it worked well, and provided a great deal of Dr. Smith's humanity. Will was also very fond of the Robot, and was often responsible for his programming. He treated him like another person, rather than a mechanical object, which was something that Dr. Smith often failed to do, although he also had no compunction upon calling on the Robot in times of need. Or in forcing him into laboring for him. Dr. Smith was rather lazy, and loath to do anything that was beneath him, including manual labor. When forced to do so for the sake of the party, or simply because they forced  him into it, he was prone to complain about his aches and pains. Even now, his cries of "The pain... the pain..." resonate in our memories.

So then in 1998 New Line Cinema made Lost in Space into a film. It did not do well. Looking at the cast,  one would be surprised at that. Until one watched the film. I confess that I've seen it a few times and own it, but that's because of who's in it - Gary Oldman - and for no other real reason, despite my liking for the tv series. If only the writers of the movie had bothered to pay attention to the TV series, they'd have done better. The trouble was that they had pretensions of being a serious film, which Lost in Space should never have been. It should have followed its origin and inspiration and stayed true to its roots - camp, pure camp. Just because the movie plot went into the ludicrous and stupid doesn't make it camp by any means. 

Gary was the best thing in the film but alas, even he could not save it. There had been talk of a sequel, but that was scrapped when the film didn't make what they'd hoped it would. Or anything. But let's play a game for a minute, shall we? Let's pretend that I've been given the project of writing the sequel so Lost in Space, and that we have a green light to go ahead with it, carte blanche to do as we wish. So what will I do? Let me tell you.

Okay, the film opens on a strange planet, naturally, where the Jupiter 2 has either crash-landed or been brought down on for some reason or other. Not a space station, but an actual planet in a far off galaxy or whatever. (Yeah, I'd look up  more details if I were really writing it). First thing I'd do is send John and Maureen Robinson off to do some adult stuff/scientific stuff, never or barely to be seen throughout the rest of the film. Why? I'll tell you why. Because frankly they stunk up the screen first time around. Mimi Rogers, as Maureen, was incredibly bad (you might remember her for a not memorable role in the first Austin Powers film). William Hurt as John Robinson - I love William but his performance was spotty at best, and at its worst, was phoned in. So get rid of them early on.  Buh-bye, don't let the door hit you in the ass. Yeah, let them  have the Chariot, I don't care.

Okay, now we take Will and Doctor Smith and sent them out so that they get themselves into a situation where Dr. Smith is forced to protect Will (and maybe a little of Will protecting him), but it reinforces the bond between them, developing their almost father/son relationship. Here is the crux of the plot. These two will interact with natives of the planet. There will be danger. There will be laughs. There will be fun. Oh, and they get to take the Robot, no question about that.

Meanwhile, back at the Jupiter 2, we have Judy (Heather Graham)  and Penny (Lacey Chabert) and Major West (Friends' star Matt Leblanc). Just for fun, we take Penny, who is a pubescent teenager, after all, and have her crushing on Don (the only non-related male for miles around). Poor Don is stuck between these two women/sisters and has to maneuver through this tricky situation and come out intact and still engaged. Fun and laughs there, perhaps some tender/serious moments. Ditto with Will and the good Doctor.

I haven't decided who or what the aliens are, or what the primary crisis will be, but there you have it. The first movie focused on gadgets and science and took itself far too seriously. It lost its humanity. The series was done with fun and love, the movie with massive fail. I'm fairly confident there will not be another movie, at least not in the foreseeable future. Maybe in time, and then, alas, probably not with my Gary. Their loss.

The TV show had a lot of guest stars, another trait it shared with Batman. One of my favorites involves Michael Rennie as the Keeper, a sort of collector of specimens about the universe. That was a two part episode (as was the pilot for Star Trek, starring Jeffrey Hunter as Commander Pike). Sorry, rambling now. Werner Klemperer (Colonel Klink of Hogan's Heroes fame) is in an episode as well. I'd like to take a moment to note here that the Robot in Lost in Space is NOT the robot from Forbidden Planet. That was Robbie. They both spoke, but they look nothing alike. Forbidden Planet is a great sci fi film, I'll have to talk about that another time.

So if you're new to Lost in Space, and are interested in watching it, let me suggest that you watch the TV show, by all means, and then if you're still interested, give the movie a try. But I did warn you.

For those of you who've seen it, what did you think of either the show or the movie? What were your favorite episodes? Favorite characters? Least favorites? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie