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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silver Flash - Hand of Death 2

Greetings Loved Ones!

It's time for the weekly Silver Flash! I've been so intrigued by my vampire Aaron that I've continued his story this week, so we have another chapter in the Hand of Death. I must admit I'm very caught up in the dark and light contrast of a vampire falling for an angel. I realize this isn't a new concept, but it is one that continues to draw my attention. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wishing you Love and Butterflies,
Sui Lynn~~
Hand of Death 2 - 11/23/11
A thing of beauty is a joy forever and the voice of an angel in song is so far beyond beautiful and enchanting, there aren’t words. I’d been told about the voice of the angels, but never having met one, I couldn’t imagine it’s power. An angel’s song attracts any being with a soul to its side. The more pure the soul the greater the attraction, but I’d never thought his song could be so captivating as to touch and hold a corrupt soul as dark as my own.
I move like the killing machine I am. Before his song’s over, I’ve killed the two guards who stand outside the SUV and I’m creeping up on the driver, who still sits behind the wheel. I chance a glance at him as he begins a second song. He’s sitting in the grass, a sad, serene smile on his face. His wings shudder as the children begin to gather around him. That’s when it strikes me. The way his hands twitch spastically. His movements, which for an angel should’ve been smooth and graceful, are halting. Something’s dreadfully wrong with the man.
I knock on the driver’s window and the idiot opens the door and makes like he’s gonna step out. He’s dead before his foot touches the ground.
“Hey Jerr—” His passenger begins, but I cut him off in mid-sentence, slicing his throat. I pile the bodies back in the vehicle. The windows are dark. It’s too bad I have to leave it here; the dead will probably be discovered by some curious kid, but I need to get the angel out of here. Now.
I stand beside the vehicle, making sure there’s no blood on my clothing. He’d smell it of course, but there’s no sense in scaring the kids. I sheathe my gladius and head across the grass, plastering a smile on my face that I hope won’t  scare the kids too much. I have to get him out of here before Sebastian’s keepers realize their angel’s gone. I don’t know who the real evil is behind this farce, but I know enough to know that this guy’s the scapegoat, as well as the bait, and he’s as much a victim as the kids being led to the slaughter.
“Sebastian, time to go.” I say when I reach his side.
“Aww. Can’t you stay for one more song? I’ve never seen an angel before.” One little girl gazes at Sebastian with big brown doe eyes. I sincerely hope she won’t be the one to discover the dead bodies in the SUV.
Sebastian stares at me, a frown crossing his face as he looks first to me and then to the vehicle. The scent of fresh blood must be coming off of me in waves. “Ah—no kids. I’m sorry. I have to leave now. Go… be good...” he stammers. I hold out my hand and he takes it. I draw him to his feet.
I can smell more blood. Not the vile thick blood of those I’ve just killed, but a sweet nectar that’s seeping from the abused flesh of his bare feet. Angels don’t normally walk. They hover above the ground, the power of magic in their wings keeping them afloat. The soles of the soft ravaged skin, torn and pierced, seep ambrosia of the highest quality into the ground. I sweep him into my arms and carry him from the park faster than any man can see.
He’s slight, more the weight of a human man—an unhealthy human man, but still heavier than a pureblooded angel. His wings have disappeared; one of the children of the fallen then. Only the fallen have the power to hide their wings. True members of the heavenly host can’t hide what they are. His wings clipped like a common caged bird, his magic along with them. He sighs and rests his head against his chest.
“Where are the guards?”
“They won’t bother you anymore. I’ve taken care of them.”
“You’ve killed them?”
“I’ll pray for their souls.” Sebastian bows his head against my chest, whispering his prayers as we approach my ride. A red, sleek four-cylinder Dakota Indian motorcycle. I ignore what he said. I’ve no understanding of a creature that would pray for the souls of his tormentors. Death I understand. “You’re here to kill me.” It isn’t a question.
“No. Not you. There’s a mistake.” I sit him gently on the pinion seat. “Have you ever ridden a motorcycle before?”
“Why would you think there’s a mistake? Because of what I am? I’m guilty. As guilty as the guards you killed without remorse for their participation in this vile escapade. The evil rests on my soul, despite what I am. I’m no longer pure, just sweet enough to attract the innocent.” Sebastian stares at the ground at my feet, as if waiting for the blow.
“I don’t care what you are. Those coerced into doing evil are no more responsible than the victims themselves. A mistake has been made.” Sebastian will be cold, riding on the motorcycle. He wears only a pair of jeans. No shirt covers his magnificent golden chest. Cold doesn’t bother me. Being a vampire, my kind don’t suffer much from the bite of weather. I strip the duster from around my body and put it on him, securing the buttons across his chest.
I flip down the pegs on either side of the cycle for him to place his feet. “Keep your feet on those,” I instruct him. “The exhaust gets hot, so be aware what you’re doing. You’ll need to hold on to me around the waist, tightly, and lean with me on the corners, even if it feels like we’re about to tip. Be mindful of my movements and don’t fight against the pull.”
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Silver Flash - Hand of Death 1

Greetings Loved Ones, 

Time for this weeks Silver Flash! For those of you who follow Foxe and Hund, never fear my luscious cops will be back again. But this week I'm beginning a new story entitled The Hand of Death. This is a m/m paranormal romance, in quite a different universe. 

For a while now I've had a vampire whispering in my ear and so begins Aaron's story. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Wishing you Love and Butterflies
Sui lynn~~
Hand of Death 1 - 11/16/11

I’ve been sitting up here in this damn tree for hours and although June is busting out all over, the heavy cloud cover is the only thing allowing it. I must say that this really isn’t any hardship. It’s a rarity when I can be outside during the daylight hours and not fear for my life. There are very few things I’m naturally afraid of, and the sun is one of them; something that’ll undoubtedly chase after me for all of my remaining days. I’m a vampire and that lethal star is both abhorred and revered by my kin.
Who am I? You may well ask. I’ve been many things in my time, but suffice it to say I’m a predator, an animal. I’m everything your mother ever told you to be afraid of in the dark. I’m a cold blooded killer. Quite literally. Since my body doesn’t create its own blood, my body temperature is lower than most. Not that you’d want to get close enough to check. Those that do are usually at death’s door—at my hand.
Killer—yes, without a doubt. I don’t harbor mercy. I don’t succumb to begging. If you’re before me and if you’re in my hands, your death is assured.
Assassin—yes. It’s my job. I’m one of ten. Each of us a different race. Trained to remove the worst of the worst from society. No questions asked. No hesitation. No thought. I am one of the Hands of Death. They call me Snake. It may not be what my mother named me, but these days I don’t think of my mother much.
So I’m enjoying the morning in a way I rarely have the opportunity to do. The sky’s heavily overcast, threatening rain, but it’s yet to be unleashed upon the populace. Today’s target is Sebastian Fallon—he’s a human with a little fae blood in him. He’s believed to be a wizard. They say he’s been kidnapping children and virgins and sacrificing them at the edge of the forest, outside the city. He’s been attempting to draw the unicorns from within out into the open where he can kill them for their horns and body parts. So far he’s destroyed seven of the majestic creatures.
Most families in the area have been warned, but this is the city and children are the weak and helpless. They’re the easiest prey to take down, especially amongst the unwanted and the poor. The parents know there’s a serial killer who’s after their children on the loose, but it’s just another day in someone else’s life. Humans are practically herd beasts in their capacity to look the other way. Most don’t even realize the world is full to the brim with the paranormal around them running amok, yet they see nothing.
A car pulls into the park. I’m here just to do a bit of recon. If he sticks to his schedule, he’ll be in the park picking up ‘tweens and then staking them as sacrifices at the edge of the forest in two days’ time. I need to see his operation so I can take care of him and possibly give the cleanup crew the whereabouts of his stash of kids for rescue. I don’t do rescue. I kill. I’m not soft and squishy enough for rescue… I bite.
The black SUV pulls up to the edge of the curb and I watch as two men in business suits and sunglasses climb out of the cab. Sunglasses—on a day like today? Even I’m not wearing sunglasses and I’m a fuckin’ vampire for God’s sake. What the fuck?
They drag a young man from the back seat—I recognize my target immediately. They untie his hands, but he’s wearing silver bracelets which I know will inhibit him from using his full powers. Even from the photo of the target, I knew he’d be beautiful. Maybe it’s the fae blood… maybe not. But to say a more stunning man has ever been born would be a lie.
“Please, Nathan. Not again. I don’t want to.”
“You know what the boss said, Bastian. Nothing’s changed. Do your job and I’ll take you back to your rooms.”
“But Nathan, they’re babies. I can’t keep doing this.”
I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Is my target pleading not to do the deeds he’s been accused of? Mine not to question why. I’m just supposed to kill and not think. But…
That’s when I see the resigned look on the man’s face, his sad eyes surveying the playground, as a tear slides down his cheek.
“Get out there and just do it already. Then I’ll take care of you.” The man on the left—Mr. Sunglasses—laughs,  then gives the man a push toward the children. He pauses and looks back, which is when I see something I’d never thought to see in this lifetime. As the man trembles, white wings appeared at his back. Oh fuck! It isn’t fae blood flowing through this man’s veins, it’s angel. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. His wings have been clipped so severely there’s no way the man can even hover, yet it does nothing to detract from the beauty of what he appears to be.

This is clearly a mistake. Someone has done fucked up big time. This man needs rescuing as much as the kids do. As an angel, he’s the perfect innocence magnet. Children would flock to him without hesitation, and he’d be forced to lead them to their death. This can’t be happening. I watch in disbelief as he walks barefoot into the center of the park and begins to sing. It’s like watching the most beautiful of moments colliding with the worst clusterfuck of a train wreck I’d ever imagined. I move as only one of my kind can. I hover behind the SUV, the sound of his voice freezing me in my tracks. A more beautiful sound I’ve never heard in my life.

Silver Flashers
Julie Lynn Hayes    (m/m)