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Friday, June 18, 2010


You know it is true what they say about when you are young your parents take care of you and when your parents get older the roles become reversed. The older I become, my parents who are in their 80's are becoming more childlike.

They have been together over 60 years and they are still in love. I think I get some of my inspiration for true love romance from them. Not that they are all lovey dovey, because they aren't but I truly doubt that one could live happily without the other.

The fact that I have rarely seen them have a true fight and alway respect each other. That they always are giving and lifting each other up instead of trying to get one up on each other makes me believe that there truly are soul mates out there in the world. True love does exist as well as everlasting love.

So I continue to write the purest love and romance that inspires my imagination.

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