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Friday, October 15, 2010

Working on my next piece

Greetings Loved Ones...

Well lately I've been buried in my writing. I have a couple stories I'm working on including a college M/M story called Dark Chocolate and Raspberries. I really enjoy the story line and it has some really funny scenes in it. It is in the early stages, but I think it is a very sound story. It is full of self discovery, angst and confusion, my two young men learn to be strong together and that being together makes them both stronger than when they were alone. They both learn to stand on their own two feet with the support of the one they love. It is really coming together nicely, but the editing is not done.

Editing ... I think I spend more time editing than anything else. the stories are the easy part, its the editing that is horror written. For this author, nothing in the world is worse than editing. It is a meaningful exercise that proves to me over and over again how much I don't have a grasp of the English language regardless of the fact that it is my first language. I love to write and I endeavor to create beautiful, heart felt characters that will find their way to happy endings. But the editing is really going to be the part that drives me to distraction... lol.

Anyway, happy reading and I will see you between the lines.


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