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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silver Flash - Foxe and Hund : 3

Greetings Loved Ones!
Welcome to this week's Silver Flash! I hope you are all enjoying TJ Foxe and Zane Hund. Hund is becoming a bit of a stalker, but I think we are beginning to get a feeling for the Detective. 

Just a reminder this is a M/M Romance, so if you aren't interested in beautiful men in love with each other, then this is not the site for you. If you enjoy a good gay romance with lots of love and hot men, then this is the place for you.  Please enjoy.

As always, wishing you Love and Butterflies,
Sui Lynn~~

 Foxe and Hund 3 07/27/11 – “The color of night” or “caveat emptor”

“Hey baby, wanna party?” TJ flaunted his goods; the two female officers alongside him were doing the same. Their game plan was to take their ‘johns’ to the room-by-the-hour hotel down the block where officers waited to arrest the eager Lotharios. The johns would then be taken downtown for questioning. TJ and the girls were already starting to get to know some of the other street workers they shared their corner with.

The part TJ found the most disturbing was the age of the workers, both male and female—if they were 18, he’d be amazed. Sure, some were obviously of age, but most of these streetwalkers were kids working to get their next fix.

“I got a little somethin’ special for you right here,” TJ called to a slowly passing car, putting a hand on his hip and arching his back, while wiggling his ass suggestively.  When the car rolled on, TJ rolled his eyes and acted put out; it was all part of the show. Part of TJ really hated the wanton behavior and innuendo he dished out, but it had become a shield for him. A way to protect himself from the ugly slurs and violence that surrounded him. The make up, the wild clothing, the painted nails—yes they were a part of him and he would sooner give up his right arm as give up this part of himself; he just wished he didn’t have to do this. But even that wasn’t quite right—he loved his job. He loved being an officer and making things better for others.

“Fucking faggot!” A man in a car screamed out the window and threw a beer bottle at him. TJ dodged, avoiding the shattered glass but not the spatter of beer.

“Asshole!” TJ yelled back. Poor comeback, but he’d been too preoccupied to come up with better. Ugh, he hated smelling like beer. His girls were at his side almost instantly.

“You okay, baby?” Penny asked. She was on one side, Josey on the other.

“I’m fine, beautiful.” He always addressed Penny as Beautiful and Josey as Gorgeous. They didn’t use their real names on the street.

“Doesn’t look like you were cut.” Josey had pulled out some tissues from somewhere and was trying to dry off some of the mess. TJ didn’t want to think about where it could’ve been hidden in her tight sequin outfit.

“Nope, just wet.”

“You want to call it a night?” Penny asked. They’d been out here for hours, it was well past two am and the bar crowd had been chased out nearly an hour ago, bartime. The traffic was light now and even the professional workers were starting to abandon the streets in order to crash for the night. Some disappeared down dark alleys, some into abandoned buildings; some of the higher priced whores were picked up by their pimps in cars, headed for other jobs.

“Hey, boy,” a voice called from a car that’d just pulled up in front of TJ and the girls.

TJ flashed a mischievous smile and strutted his way to the car, leaning in the passenger’s side window. “You lookin’ for a party, baby?”
Zane Hund sat in his car, watching the night’s arrests. He’d barely been able to maintain his covert position when that asshat had thrown a bottle at TJ. He hated what TJ did. He hated the fact TJ put himself on the line nightly, catching perverts, trying to get information from other workers about Macaroni. He knew all those kids being on the street really bothered TJ. The man practically made it a crusade to clear the streets of drugs and get the kids into shelters instead of being homeless and hooking. The problem was that Zane was attracted to the man—his fire, his determination, his values, his hot hot body.

At the office, TJ was looked down upon by practically everyone. He wore gold lamé and sequin like the knights of old wore plate armor. He was close with his partners; the two women were devoted to him in the way mother pitbulls were to their pups. Nobody dared to say two words against TJ in their presence and lived to tell about it, but behind their back, TJ seemed to be everyone’s favorite joke.

The problem was Zane put on a front himself; he was a hardass at work. He’d worked this job long enough to be cynical and distrustful of the entire human race. Cops were no better than anyone else. He’d seen good cops go bad and bad cops save lives. He wanted TJ. He’d no illusions regarding himself; although he didn’t flaunt it, he wasn’t exactly in the closet. But he’d never had a serious relationship, preferring the company of his right hand or an occasional one night stand. Even used a glory hole occasionally, to satisfy his baser needs.

What he wanted from TJ had little to do with his carnal desires. He wanted to protect the little man like he was spun glass, pack him in cotton like a treasure, and keep him safe from the horrors of the world. How fucking twisted was that? The man was definitely not made of glass, more like diamond. Nothing scratched his surface, even the most hateful slurs that were hollered at him ran like off like water off a duck’s back. Zane marveled at the man’s strength.

The street was empty, except for the officers closing in from the side street, TJ and his girls. Zane almost laughed when he heard TJ arrest the man who’d propositioned him.

“Sorry, man. You’re under arrest.”

“What the hell is this?”

“Caveat emptor, man… Buyer beware.” TJ laughed as the man was handcuffed and put into a squad car. TJ wrapped an arm around both his girls and walked towards the car ramp and their unmarked SUV.

Zane started his car, waiting until he saw the SUV pull out of the garage, before heading home.

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