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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silver Flash - Foxe & Hund : 10

Greetings Loved Ones!
Welcome to this week's Silver Flash! This is going to be another steamy sexy episode this week. There is sexual content so if you are not a fan of beautiful gay men enjoying each other's bodies, then I'd recommend leaving this site. This is an over 18 episode here people so if you are offended by sexual content, I'd recommend you not read any further. If you are a fan, well then I hope you enjoy their antics.

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As always, wishing you Love and Butterflies,
Sui Lynn~~

Foxe & Hund 10 - 10/19/11

“I’ve got to taste you,” Zane murmured as he drew back from the kiss. His brain was stuck on replay… he’s here… he’s here… he’s really here! While his hands gloried in the sensual feeling of skin on skin, his fingertips danced across TJ’s shoulders, down over his collarbones, to his pecs. He lightly ran his thumbs over those hardening nibs, giving each one a tight pinch and a slight twist. TJ gasped, arching into his touch.

“Like that, babe?” A whimper from TJ was his only reply. “I think you do,” Zane growled, his hands moving further down along the washboard abs to the open button of TJ’s jeans. He carefully lowered the zipper and TJ put his hands behind him on the bed, arching up, lifting his hips so Zane could remove both jeans and briefs in one easy movement.

“God, you’re beautiful.” Zane placed tender kisses along the inside of TJ’s thigh. He looked up, meeting TJ’s partially hooded glance. TJ was breathing hard, his lower lip clenched between his teeth. Zane lifted his head and smiled. One hand moved to cup TJ’s balls, rolling the heavy globes; he eyed TJ’s cock with wanton desire. That was when he knew he’d lost—lost his heart to TJ.  When just the sight of TJ’s thick length set his own heart to pounding so loudly he was sure that TJ could hear it. Surely TJ could hear it beat out its rhythm with each throb of his own hardening dick, hear it complaining because of its continued confinement in his own jeans.

Zane was actually glad of the tightness of his jeans and the uncomfortable pressure—it kept him from shooting his load like an overzealous teenager. He had to make this good for TJ. The man deserved the best and although Zane considered himself far from the best, TJ was really here, so he had to have done something right in one of his lives to have been given the gift of this beauty’s presence.

Zane took TJ in hand, sliding up his length and running his thumb against the slit, spreading the precum across the purpling blunt head. Zane couldn’t resist locking his gaze with TJ’s.  He put his thumb in his mouth, letting the bitter salty fluid explode across his taste buds. Fighting to rein in the whimper, he reached for Zane again and drew him into his mouth, sucking, as he dropped his jaw and TJ’s cock hit the back of his throat.

“Oh fuck! Zane!” TJ cried out, grasping a fist full of Zane’s hair. Zane whimpered around the shaft in his mouth as TJ yanked and pulled his hair. It hurt ,but only enflamed his desires. TJ, realizing Zane’s kink, gripped his hair tighter and roughly guided him as he thrust up into his mouth. “God… fuck! Oh… so good!”

Zane, unable to stop, pulled his cock from his pants and began to yank himself as he hollowed his cheeks. They both needed to let off the initial pressure; then he could take the rest of the night making love to this beauty the way he’d planned and dreamed for so long.

“Zane… can’t,” TJ panted, giving Zane a particularly hard yank on his hair in warning as he thrust up, burying himself in Zane’s throat. Zane drew back just slightly, moaning, as TJ’s spunk spurted into his mouth. He swallowed every drop as though it was the golden nectar of the gods.
TJ’s grip relaxed in Zane’s hair, his fingers gently carding through the length, as Zane licked up his softened member before resting against his thigh, closing his eyes. Zane couldn’t believe the complete contentment that washed over him. Everything in the world was right as it should be.

“Love you,” Zane whispered. He felt TJ’s fingers freeze in his hair. Why the hell did he say that? The moment he opened his mouth, he knew he’d regret it. Why the “L” word? It was the most taboo thing he could’ve said. This was supposed to be ‘fun-get-to-know-you’ sex, not ‘I’m-pining-away-for-you-since-the-first-moment-I-saw-you-and-have-loved-you-with-every-breath-for-eternity-crazy-stalker’ sex. Now how do I fix this?

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Elyzabeth M. VaLey (m/f)

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  1. Hot, hot, hot...can't wait to see what TJ's reaction will be to the "L" word.