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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: Gilbert

Gilbert by Bailey Bradford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is a 3.5 and since I believe in rounding up, I gave it a 4. I have mixed feelings about this story.

I really liked the story but the author almost ruins it for me by adding in unnecessary and painfully repetitive sex scenes every time a character turns around. You don't need to put in a sex scene every couple of pages to keep your reader interested. It's tiresome and boring. I find myself flipping pages to get past the sex to continue where the story left off. The characters care about each other, as a reader I don't need that beaten into my head by yet another scene of grunts and moans as the characters have sex. It's unnecessary. In the span of a few hours the characters had sex before running through the woods, during running through the woods and after running through the woods. Really... is this entirely necessary? Once would have sufficed.

On the other hand, the story line here was very nice. I like the fact that the snow leopard shifters are discovering more about their world and we get to learn along with them. I like the new avenues that we are learning about as more shifters of different species are being added to the mix. The characters are well rounded and you come to care about them as individuals as they grow and become stronger. I think the author could have given his characters a bit more time to heal from his forced sexual encounter, but at the same time, the character had been dealing with having been raped for a year before he ever met his mate. So the fact it didn't take pages of angst for the character to grow beyond his suffering is plausible. Although as a reader, I personally felt it deserved a bit more. Still overall the story line is good and I look forward to the next book.

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