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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silver Flash - Foxe & Hund

Silver Flash - Foxe and Hund : 4

Greetings Loved Ones!
Welcome to this week's Silver Flash! I appologise readers, I know it's been a while since I've added to this story. I endeavor to be more diligent in the future. I hope you are enjoying TJ Foxe and Zane Hund. This week we learn a bit more about Detective Hund and his desire for Foxe. He has a bit of playground mentality when it comes to Foxe, something the man is going to have to get over. 

Just a reminder this is a M/M Romance, so if you aren't interested in beautiful men in love with each other, then this is not the site for you. If you enjoy a good gay romance with lots of love and hot men, then this is the place for you.  Please enjoy.

As always, wishing you Love and Butterflies,
Sui Lynn~~

Foxe and Hund 4 – 08/24/11

Zane sat in his car in the darkness,  in front of his little house. Even to him, it looked cold. We can’t let this continue. I can’t keep denying what I want and… I can’t keep watching TJ put himself out night after night. Zane’d thought he could. In the beginning. He’d liked the idea of TJ being closer to him—seeing him on a daily basis in the same squad room. It was a dream come true: getting to see his beautiful little mate night after night. But what was originally a dream come true had turned into a nightmare.

Zane had to watch his man dress up in scantily clad outfits that made his dick so hard he’d feared he burst the zipper. The first night TJ had dressed up with the women from vice, Zane had been a real ass. He’d been unable to keep his mouth from running away from him….

“What the hell are you supposed to be?” Zane sneered. TJ stared at his reflection in the men’s room mirror, applying eyeliner.

“What does it look like? I’m working the street tonight.” TJ glared at Zane’s reflection in the mirror. “Seems none of you real men can handle having your manhood infringed upon to get the job done. That leaves me.” TJ snapped the eyeliner into its small black case.

Zane stared as TJ applied a light touch of lip gloss to his slightly open mouth. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from the little man. His nostrils quivered with his scent, a heady mixture of sandalwood and deep forest, with just a touch of Irish Spring soap. How badly Zane wanted to grab him and shove him against the wall and claim what belonged to him and never let TJ walk out that door.

“Looks more to me like you’ve got a hidden desire to slut yourself all over town. Must be a real ego boost to have all those men purchasing your ass. Although as a man myself, I’d gladly take what was flaunted. Must be nice to be a sanctioned slut instead of just a gay bar bimbo.” 
Even as he said it, he couldn’t believe the words were coming out of his mouth.

“Well, it looks like I caught your attention.” TJ turned on him furiously. 
“Guess I’m doing my job right, huh? If I’m the paid slut, what’s that make you? The scumbag?” TJ grabbed his little black bag and stomped out the door.

Hardly the best of first encounters with his little mate and it had gone downhill ever since. He’d never recovered from those first derogatory words and it seemed every encounter they had only caused more hurt and guilt.

When he’d met his little man, he’d gone and bought this house. He’d yet to move in. He’d done some minor decorating, upgraded the wiring, updated the bathroom and the kitchen with modern plumbing and appliances. The house was for TJ. For the two of them to be together away from the city and their jobs. But the way things were going, he’d never get to show TJ the house he wanted to make into their home.


  1. I am totally enjoying these two. Welcome back to the fold! I especially liked this glimpse into Zane's mind and heart!

  2. I really like this. I had to go back and get caught up. Can't wait to see what's next for Zane and TJ.