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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Friend JR Loveless is running a contest! Check it Out!

Greetings Loved Ones!

As a way to celebrate her upcoming trip to Tennessee and her newest upcoming novel, His Salvation, and to mix up the ordinary, JR Loveless is going to have a bit of a contest between now and September 1st. All you have to do to enter is 'LIKE' her author FaceBook Page J.R. Loveless FaceBook Page . How easy is that!? Just click the link and then click on LIKE. ^.^  The easiest contest in the world right?

Want to know what the prize will be? Well why don't you decide on that? You can choose from:

  • A cell phone charm - your choice of charm (cowboy hat, snowflake, unicorn or feather) and color. *Refer to previous posts to see charms*
  • A pair of custom handmade (by yours truly) earrings - your choice of charms (cowboy hat, snowflake, unicorn or feather) and color. *These will be made with glass beads of your color choice and the charm of your choice. Similar to the cell phone charms except doubled with earring wires*
  • A J.R. Loveless poster featuring the hot silhouette of a gorgeous man. ;) 
  • A beige canvas tote bag with the J.R. Loveless book cover of your choice ironed on.
  • A handmade Bottle Cap Necklace with the J.R. Loveless book cover of your choice
  • OR!   Your choice of any eBook copy of one of my novels! 
Now how many authors give that sort of choice? :)  So hurry over to her page on FaceBook and click on Like now for your entry into the contest! Link: http://www.facebook.com/authorjrloveless

Saturday, September 2nd, she will choose the winner and notify by mail.*NOTE*: As she's leaving September 4th for her retreat to Tennessee and will not be returning home until September 10th, she won't be shipping any of the physical prizes out until after returning. If you choose the eBook copy you will receive your prize immediately.

Happy 'Liking', everyone! :D

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