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Monday, June 13, 2011

God Bless the Gargoyle and Gargoyle Lore

Gargoyle Lore

Just a bit about one of my favorite and little known paranormal creatures. The Gargoyle. 

They've been around for many years and have been seen in cultures across many continents. There were Gargoyles in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs. There are gargoyles in Japan, China, Russia, India, Africa, Europe and when the new world was discovered, gargoyles came with people to adorn architecture in the new world.

Gargoyles are often grotesque in appearance more so than beautiful. A chimera of animals and humans, they are thought to be guardians of the human soul. They are the night watch, keeping people safe why they sleep.

Here are the basic rules as I've learned them and pulled the information from several locations as to the beliefs of gargoyle mythology:

1)    Carved from a single piece of natural stone. Can not be made of stone composite or molded. Their original form is carved

2)    They are the protectors, the guardians. They are intensely loyal to their human charges.
3)    Hibernation
a.       Gargoyles put themselves into hibernation and sleep as stone for centuries if they feel they are unwanted or not needed and awaken whenever they choose.
b.      Usually only an unmated gargoyle will hibernate.

4)      Mating
a.       Gargoyles have an innate need to nurture and protect mankind. Gargoyles protect their human charges regardless of how they are treated because it is in their nature to do so. It is what they were created for, they must fulfill their purpose.
b.      Gargoyles live a long immortal life and strive to find their mate to share their immortality. Gargoyles know their fated mates, often on first sight.
5)      Hunting
a.       Gargoyles can smell evil and when they are flesh, they will defend a territory from evil. If they discover evil, they will hunt and kill to protect their charges. Consuming the evil in its entirety.
b.      Gargoyles, when flesh, will hunt and eat as any living being; they need sustenance for the flesh to remain strong and vibrant.
c.       A starved gargoyle will go into hibernation until it can hunt freely.
d.      Gargoyles are carnivores although they can eat some vegetables, but they do not need them as part of a healthy diet.
e.      Gargoyles can consume either cooked or raw meat.
6)      Immortal
a.       Gargoyles are immortal and will live as long as their stone body remains whole. To destroy the stone is to destroy the gargoyle.
b.      They can be killed when they are flesh and blood.
                                                               i.      If mortally wounded a gargoyle can voluntarily turn to stone to heal itself, it will awaken whole with the next sunset.
                                                             ii.      A gargoyle will never leave a charge unguarded and will sacrifice its life to protect its charge before it will turn to stone to protect its own life.
c.       If their stone body is damaged or destroyed then the gargoyle is destroyed and can not be brought back to life.

~ God Bless The Gargoyles ~    
by Dav Pilkey
In a long-ago time, when long ago peoples
were building cathedrals and raising up steeples, 
they crafted stone creatures and set them on perches

to guard and protect and watch over the churches.

So gargoyles were born, and they stood night and day,

keeping evil and terrible spirits away.
And ne'er was a creature so true and so loyal
as the watchful, courageous, and fearless gargoyle.

But the years came and went, and the people did, too.
and in time, they forgot what their ancestors knew.
And whenever they passed by the gargoyles' lairs,

they trembled in fear at the gargoyles' stares.

As time went along, people's fear turned to spite,
and they sneered and they cursed at the guardians of night:
"Demons!" they grumbled -- "grotesque!" and "horrid!"
"Those beasts don't belong on the house of the Lord!"

When the gargoyles heard these words that were spoken,
their stony old hearts became crumbled and broken.
Then storms rumbled in, and their eyes filled with rain,
and in stillness they stayed, alone and in pain.

But, as it so happened, some angels were near,
and, heeding the grief of a gargoyle's tear,
they each fluttered down from the heavens on high
to sit with the gargoyles ‘neath thundering skies.

Now, angels have ways of making things right,
so they stayed with the gargoyles all through the night.
Patting their heads and wiping their tears
and whispering life into gargoyle ears.
And soon all the gargoyles did magical things:
they gurgled and coughed and shook out their wings.
Then, together, the angels and gargoyles took flight,
and they soared through the clouds on a blustery night.

And while over pastures and hills they were winging,
the voices of angels were radiantly singing!

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