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Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans
Best Laid Plans by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book has both a lot going for it and a lot wrong with it. It's ripe with errors, both in the story, character name mistakes and in general English.

The author took a chance and has 4 main characters here. This is not a menage but the story of 2 couples as the main central part of the plot line. To be honest its a mess. The whole thing read like 2 separate stories mashed together. You'd have one couple dating then the other couple dating... it was a series of repeats and a total bore.

The brothers, Grayson and Xander, who I'd previously enjoyed as mischievous and energetic male teens are adults in this story. But when they meet their mates they become effeminate and the story becomes disjointed mass of repeating events from each brothers point of view of the same events. The previously strong male characters are now reduced to pansy girls sitting in cars waiting for their mates to open the doors for them and being carried about the room. The sad part is the mates who are being carried were previously bad-ass strong male characters now reduced to chicks with dicks. The sex becomes a rolling set of events between first one couple then the other. The whole thing for me reads very choppy and irritating.

Now for good points. Even though the characters are girly and the romance is more suited to a M/F romance type than a M/M romance, there are moments of clarity. You do have moments where you can empathize with the characters and touch them.

All in all, even though I really did not like this book, I applaud the author for giving it a shot. It's a hard thing to do to run with this many main characters and have everything flow well. I think if the editing would have been stronger and there have been less repetition of events, this may have been an alright story.

I like this series and so I will go on to read the next one and see if things improve.

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