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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Snow Bite, Blood Red

Snow Bite, Blood Red
Snow Bite, Blood Red by Jade Astor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this believing I would not care for it much. As a general rule I like this author's work but when it comes to well known fairy tales being rewritten, I cringe with distaste. I like my traditional stories left alone and not used or abused. So I rarely read them, knowing my opinion is generally skewed from the get go. I tend to find adaptations of traditional stories written with a heavy hand and the new story becomes a bad mimicry or mockery of the original.

I am much relieved to be able to say that is NOT the case here. I enjoyed this story very much. Yes it is a rewrite of Snow White, but its been done respectfully, tactfully and in many ways more closely to the original Grimm's tale than many of other traditional adaptations of the story. Albion as Snow White is naive and to be honest a bit stupid about the world around him, which the character himself fully admits. King Jasper falls quickly for his young and trusting lover, as the two try to cure the king of his vampirism.

This is a unique and yet completely familiar and utterly captivating adaptation of the story. I would recommend it for all lovers of Snow White, vampires and romances with that perfect fairy tale happily ever after ending. Well Done!

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